Enhance health data collection by using the power of wearables to make impact on health research

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ECG wearable

Easily collect medical grade health data

Health monitoring

Continuously monitor certain health functions

Data access and analysis

Easy access to raw data collected using SDK/API

Costs drop

Smart pricing to decrease research and trials costs

Get better answers and gain deeper insights with Heart and Wellness data

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What is Mawi Research Platform

Mawi ECG wristband

Equipped with ECG to take on-demand cardiograms in addition to continuous health tracking (activity, sleep).

Mawi Dashboard

Web-based dashboard to maintain participants, see analytics and manage data.

Mawi Mobile App

Daily goals, reminders, experience personalization to keep participants engagement in studies.


To easily export, process and analyze health data in your environment

Join Mawi Research Platform in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Request a demo kit and receive devices

Step 2

Choose solution for data collection

Mawi Band Device Android SDK
Mawi Band Device Android App
Mawi Band Device Android App API
Mawi Band Device Android App API Cardio Data Analyze
Step 3

Run your research & analyze data

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Create your own design of science with Mawi band

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